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From "Ian Holsman (Lists)" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] merge mod_limitipconn into httpd
Date Thu, 19 Jun 2008 22:41:46 GMT
My only concern with the module is that it can't be used across servers.
So I am not sure how useful it would be non-trivial sites. with 
stateless load balancing. (where the IP is not guaranteed to visit the 
same machine for the next request)

Have you given any thought of using memcache or something to share the 
state across a farm so that it could be useful in those situations?

Niklas Edmundsson wrote:
> Hi all!
> I would like to propose to merge (or rather, add) mod_limitipconn
> (, changelog at
> into httpd.
> In short it's a module that limits the number of concurrent connections
> from a single IP address, something that most servers that provides file
> downloads are interested in due to the fact that there are numerous
> "download managers" out there that essentially DOS's your server (our
> record is some 500 connections from a single host in China I think).
> It also has some features for mime-type based limits.
> It has proven stable for us on in conjunction with my
> recent patches to make it play well with mod_cache, and I really think
> that it would be useful for a lot of httpd users.
> The author (David Jao, also CC:d) would be glad to contribute it,
> provided that it is of interest for the httpd community.
> Since I don't know exacly how this procedure works (do we vote, or do
> the PMC just make a decision, etc), I hope that the PMC can step up and
> provide directions here :)
> /Nikke

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