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From Ian G <>
Subject SNI in which release?
Date Wed, 18 Jun 2008 11:53:56 GMT
Apologies in advance for the abrupt questions, point me at a 
FAQ if you like.

I'm guessing that TLS/SNI ServerNameIndication failed to 
make it into last week's release.

If so, do we have a timetable for the next release to aim for?

Are there any roadblocks to help clear to get it in?


PS: managerial rant:  TLS/SNI is one of the most important 
security enhancements available.  IMO, practically the most 
important positive change ever :)  Everyone with a Linux box 
and 10 websites to manage has been waiting for this.  The 
browsers have been ready for a year or two.

TLS/SNI is needed desperately because it changes the balance 
in favour of more TLS, which helps against phishing.

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