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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: Contributing code to Apache HTTPd
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 16:34:22 GMT
Thomas Lee wrote:

> I'd love to contribute some code to the Apache web server, but it's a 
> little intimidating to know quite where to start. Obviously the bug 
> tracker was my first port of call, but it's difficult to determine which 
> defects would be good for a new developer to look at.
> Even if not defects, is there another set of tasks that might be useful 
> for familiarizing one's self with the trunk? How are new releases 
> planned, etc.?

The best way is to watch the dev@ mailing list (which I assume you're 
doing already), and see how things are done over time.

In terms of where to start, start with an itch you need scratched. I 
started out with the proxy module way back when which didn't work the 
way I wanted it to work, and so I dived into the code one monday morning 
in an effort to fix the issues I was having. The first fix leads to the 

Once you have patches, add them to bug reports (so they don't fall 
through the cracks), and post them here so we get a heads up that 
something has been fixed / new stuff done. Sometimes people on the list 
get bogged down with other stuff and so may not come back to you 
immediately, keep prodding gently till you get a response.

There has been quite a bit of new stuff on trunk, building it, trying to 
break it would be very useful, especially across other platforms.


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