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From Ian G <>
Subject Re: SNI in 2.2.9? (Re: 2.2.9 status)
Date Wed, 04 Jun 2008 12:06:22 GMT wrote:

> SNI in 2.2.9? (Re: 2.2.9 status)
> 	61495 by: Kaspar Brand

>>> There are just a handful of useful patches in STATUS lacking
>>> a single vote for inclusion in 2.2.9...
>> While not completely true for the SNI backport proposal (requires more
>> than a single additional vote),....

[technical stuff snipped]

>> So, is there still hope for SNI being added in 2.2.9...? Let me know if
>> there's anything else I can do to increase the chances of getting this
>> proposal accepted.

Yes, ditto.  Although I'm totally unfamiliar with the code, 
SNI is a big deal for users, because it makes SSL available 
for all the small time virtual hosts.  If I had a vote I'd 
say do it!

Making SSL available for small sites puts a big pressure on 
the browsers to work on their secure interfaces, which they 
lack right now.

Are there any roadblocks that can be cleared away by 
external wannabe-helpfuls?


>> Thanks,
>> Kaspar

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