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From Dale Ghent <>
Subject Re: Tagging 2.2.9...
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2008 00:37:50 GMT
On Jun 10, 2008, at 5:10 PM, Jim Jagielski wrote:

> Still waiting... In the meantime, test tarballs are at:
> I will wait calling for a vote until they are in the usual
> place, but this gives people a head's up...

This is running fine on Solaris 10 x86, compiled with Sun Studio 12,  
compiled with:

MAKE=gmake \
CC=cc CFLAGS="-g -fast" \
CPPFLAGS="-I/usr/sfw/include -I/usr/local/include" \
LDFLAGS="-lbsdmalloc -L/usr/sfw/lib -R/usr/sfw/lib -L/usr/local/lib -R/ 
/lib" \
./configure --prefix=/local/apache --enable-mods-shared=most --enable- 
  --enable-deflate=shared --enable-proxy=shared --enable-proxy- 
http=shared --enab
le-proxy-ajp=shared --enable-proxy-connect=shared --enable-proxy- 
ftp=shared --en
able-proxy-balancer=shared --bindir=/usr/local/bin --sbindir=/usr/ 
local/sbin --l
ibdir=/usr/local/lib --mandir=/usr/local/man --infodir=/usr/local/info

Only saw two minor warnings emitted by the compiler:

"util_script.c", line 599: warning: statement not reached

"mod_dbd.c", line 898: warning: argument #1 is incompatible with  
         prototype: pointer to function(pointer to struct apr_pool_t  
{}, pointer to struct server_rec {pointer to struct process_rec {..}  
process, pointer to struct server_rec {..} next, pointer to const char  
defn_name, unsigned int defn_line_number, pointer to char  
server_admin, pointer to char server_hostname, unsigned short port,  
pointer to char error_fname, pointer to struct apr_file_t {..}  
error_log, int loglevel, int is_virtual, pointer to struct  
ap_conf_vector_t {..} module_config, pointer to struct  
ap_conf_vector_t {..} lookup_defaults, pointer to struct  
server_addr_rec {..} addrs, long long timeout, long long  
keep_alive_timeout, int keep_alive_max, int keep_alive, pointer to  
const char path, int pathlen, pointer to struct apr_array_header_t  
{..} names, pointer to struct apr_array_header_t {..} wild_names, int  
limit_req_line, int limit_req_fieldsize, int limit_req_fields, pointer  
to const char server_scheme}) returning void : "/local/src/httpd-2.2.9/ 
include/http_config.h", line 1022
         argument : pointer to void

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