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From Lazy <>
Subject AllowOverride Options vs AllowOverride Options= reloaded
Date Sun, 11 May 2008 20:49:00 GMT
Hello to all,

in I was told
to ask about this issue on

Long talk short (i gues my last mail was to long to be comprehensible ;)

In apache 1.3/2.0 there was no selection of whitch options can or
can't be set in .htacess files.

At some point in 2.2.x AllowOverride Options=[option1,...] was introduced.

From my point needlessly it brakes compatibility previous apache
versions, because now AllowOverride Options only allows to set *'All'
options whith isn't really all
because 'All' laves out OPT_INCNOEXEC  OPT_SYM_OWNER OPT_MULTI !,
AllowOverride All allows these 3 extra options just as 'AllowOverride
Options=' whitch should be a syntax error but leaves overridable
options unaltered and defaults overridables (from the same patch) are

*) 'All' like All in Options All whitch really isn't all options

AllowOverride    |               1.3/20                    |              2.2.x
Options            | All + Multiviews and 2 others  |  only All
Options=          |     n/a                                    |  All
+ Multiviews and 2 others

If it's designed to work this way there should be something in the
docs but then what does Options= mean ?

Michał Grzędzicki
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