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From "Adam Woodworth" <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy race condition bug #37770
Date Wed, 21 May 2008 20:34:07 GMT
I think there is a problem with r657443 (and thus I assume r645813):

I applied the r657443 patch to my copy of the 2.2.8 official release
source and it doesn't work right.  The problem is that the change to
mod_proxy_http.c checks c->keepalives for a value, but c->keepalives
is filled out by ap_http_header_filter(), which isn't called until
later.  So, c->keepalives is always 0 at this point.  Which also means
that the "number of keepalives" message in the ap_log_rerror() msg
isn't going to mean anything, but at this point it never reaches it.

Also, I "patched the patch" to manually set c->keepalives to 1 for
testing so that I could test out this r657443 patch.  However, what
happened was that Apache would kick back an error page to the client,
instead of just closing the connection.  So, no improvement.

Has this patch been tested and verified anywhere?

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