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From "Adam Woodworth" <>
Subject Re: down?
Date Mon, 19 May 2008 16:17:30 GMT

While I'm waiting for my subscription to infra to be activated...

There are no errors -- I simply cannot connect to  I
am in Boston, MA, in the USA.  The traceroute never finishes...the
browser never's like the net link to is just not working.

This page seems to show that (same IP as is down:


On Mon, May 19, 2008 at 11:43 AM, Tony Stevenson <> wrote:
> Adam Woodworth wrote:
>> I very regularly have problems accessing  For example,
>> right now a traceroute gets to and then can't
>> get any further.  I can't access at all right now.
>> Which means I can't do some work right now. :)
>> Does anyone know of any problems with or its ISP?
> There is no known issue with at the moment Adam.
> However there have been a couple of difficulties with the network interface
> these past few days.
> If you are in the EU, you can try accessing  Can you be
> more specific as to what exactly is not working?  Error messages would be
> useful.
> We are trying to stabilise as fast as we can, but this can be
> trecherous when it is live, and in production.
> The EU svn mirror should be fully online shortly, however with the issues
> with, yo may see a slight delay in the changes being sync'd
> to the master.
> Adam, fwiw, emailing may yield better replies.
>  Even though most of us in infra read dev@httpd.a.o
> --Tony

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