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From Res <>
Subject Re: apache mod_dbd/htaccess
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 22:59:10 GMT
On Thu, 1 May 2008, Nick Kew wrote:

>> Basically I was wondering if it could include the ability to use
>> AuthBasicProvider, AuthDBDUserPWQuery etc in a .htaccess file, like
>> we can place in a directory block.
> Isn't the documentation clear about this?  Hmmm, I'm sure I
> wrote something, but it's not in the primary docs.

Correct, nothing found, I do actually get off my ass and reserach 
what I can first.


So what would be the impact to having a very large httpd.conf file,
having to read in, perhaps many thousands of extra directory blocks?
If only 100 or 1000 want it thats fine, but if i end up with 10+K
wanting it, I would like to know what impact I may expect, what would be 
the memory use for each additional directory block? As from what I can 
tell the only issue would I'd run into is memory related, and maybe taking 
a little bit longer to start whislt reading in the conf files (the vhosts 
are (and members will also be)) separate included files anyway to keep 
things a bit tidy.

Or perhaps I just use the old flatfile method, and tolerate any slowness 
it causes.. But if we can have our CRM do it, it avoids staff wasting 
their time :)


I read usenet and lists in pine. But m$ outlook, thunderbird and gmail
often use html span/whatever for quotes, makes it hard to tell who said
what, so I dont try. If I ignore you, thats why! Use a compliant mailer.

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