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From Res <>
Subject apache mod_dbd/htaccess
Date Thu, 01 May 2008 06:53:14 GMT

I have a request for a feature in Apache.

Basically I was wondering if it could include the ability to use 
AuthBasicProvider, AuthDBDUserPWQuery etc in a .htaccess file, like we 
can place in a directory block.

Perhaps this was already looked at and discarded as a serious performance 
impact? We are looking at our members section, which is in its own vhost 
block, to provide members with database capability for access to a protected 
directory (this is actually for minors to protect any profiles/pics they 
put up on home pages, they restrict this information to their friends 
where they can add/delete user/pass pairs for whoever they want to view 
it),  we are running one database and a table per user.

AuthDBDUserPWQuery "SELECT pass FROM <members_name> WHERE user = %s"
htaccess denies me to do this, I am aware of the impact in activating
htaccess, but as you can imagine doing this for a lot of members has the 
potential to see a very large httpd.conf if we do it all in special 
directory blocks.

Perhaps this is a non-issue and it matters not how big the conf file is, well, 
so long as we have the memory I suppose.

So could I request this feature, if not found to be a resource problem, to 
be included in a future Apache release?


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