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From "Matthew M. Burke" <>
Subject mod_wombat
Date Tue, 27 May 2008 02:33:23 GMT
Two quick questions:

1) I can't seem to find the output from r:debug, r:info, etc.

I'm running mod_wombat on a VirtualHost.  I've looked at the log 
configured in httpd.conf and the log set inside the VirtualHost 
container but do not see any of the messages from the various logging 
functions.  No errors, either.

Any hints?

2) Is anyone working on the LuaScope directive and/or had any success 
with it?  I've tried a few things but only managed to get seg faults. 
I'm running Apache 2.2.6 on FreeBSD (6.3 stable) and using the latest 
mod_wombat code from the svn repo.



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