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From Tim Lind <>
Subject Resource protection, specified by a database
Date Fri, 23 May 2008 11:37:18 GMT

Is there a way to enforce digest protection on a per resource basis 
through the use of database as opposed to an htaccess file? So that the 
database maintains which resources can be accessed by which groups and 
what resources require authorization. This is so that access protection 
can be dynamically set on a per resource basis without needing to edit 
htaccess files.

Also, in the same scheme, is it possible to specify that the digest 
authentication should be optional? i.e. not send an unauthorized header, 
just a WWW-Authenticate header. I'm not referring to hacks such as 
remove a header I mean a proper module that takes in this option, 
preferably to work with the module that does the database specification 
of resource protection.

I'm guessing it would involve setting a custom authentication module for 
the entire tree, which then consulted a database to see whether it 
actually needed to require an authorization header, and check the 
database that the authenticated user should be authorized for the given 

Seen as your authentication framework has changed a bit, and I see there 
is a authz_dbd module in development, is there any plan for work in this 
regard? Does this sound like a feasible manner to accomplish this?


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