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From Corsix <>
Subject Re: On future mod_wombat improvements
Date Wed, 21 May 2008 15:01:44 GMT
Item 2 is 'documented' in the building from SVN instructions:
    If compiling (make) reports an error that it cannot find the
    libapreq2 header file, please tell me ( )
    as this occurs under some configurations but we haven't
    hammered down the weird things libapreq2 does with its
    install. If you build libapreq2 with a --prefix configuration
    option, it always seems to work.

2008/5/21 Matthew M. Burke <>:
> Corsix wrote:
>> I didn't have trouble building it on linux, however:
>> 1) I cannot build it on windows; the first part of the win32 buil
>> 2) The mod_wombat build process is reluctant to find libapreq2 unles
> These are both good to know! In my role as evil, horrible task-master/GSoC
> Mentor, I will encourage Maxime to investigate item 2. (well, maybe if I was
> truly evil and horrible, I'd do more than encourage...)
> Matt

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