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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject List of Debian patches, part 1
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 18:17:16 GMT

the list of Debian patches will come in two parts. Here are those that 
were added since I took over the package about one year ago. It will 
take me a bit longer to go through the older patches.

allow suexec to log after a cgi error, patch from

Add -X to the httpd help message

Mostly Debian-specific (create run/lock dirs with correct user, allow 
to override some settings with env variables). Also actually do a 
config test before a restart/reload as documented (PR 45103).

remove limit of 1024 bytes per line for logresolve, which broke some
log file analysis tools. I was too lazy to do this in a portable way, 
the patch uses glibc's getline(). Therefore not submitted to Apache's 
bugzilla (though I should at least file a bug).

053_bad_file_descriptor_PR42829.dpatch , see 
recent discussion

Make a warning more useful, PR 39992 already in trunk:
Trivial, this could still go into 2.2.9

PR 31440 already in trunk:

Handle If-Range correctly if the cached resource was stale. PR 44579, 
already committed for 2.2.9

Adds a "--enable-modules=none" build option. Found in the Fedora 
package.  This saves build time when building multiple MPMs.

Suexec does not correctly check that scripts are inside the docroot,
patch from
(This is not in the current package, but will be in the next upload)

mod_ssl memleak PR 44975, already committed for 2.2.9

Build an additional suexec helper that can be used with different 
document root and userdir settings (by reading a config file on every 
request). This makes sense because newer versions of the Linux file 
hierarchy standard (FHS) define /srv for things like web pages, but 
does not define the layout under /srv. On the other hand, our default 
document root is still /var/www. This custom suexec will be shipped 
in a separate package and clearly marked as non-standard. It is 
obviously of no use to people who compile apache themselves, 
therefore not submitted to bugzilla. (This is not in the current 
package, but will be in the next upload)

Comments welcome. The fix for PR 39992 could still be included in 
2.2.9, IMHO.


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