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From Ray Van Dolson <>
Subject Re: Palm Treo access to OWA via Apache 2.2.x Proxy
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 18:28:47 GMT
I tried digging into the code a bit with gdb with mixed results.  The
Treo actually would sync up properly sometimes even without the Host
fix in place as long as I was running in gdb.  Maybe some sort of
timing issue?

Anwyays, I never saw it hit a backend->close = 1 line -- at least not
in mod_proxy_http.c.

I've put this on our live server (running full SSL on the front and
backend) and have been able to sync with the Treo ... goign to keep
trying.  So I'm content for now, but if anyone wants me to keep digging
pretty easy for me to test and do gdb stuff so just holler.


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