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From Ray Van Dolson <>
Subject Re: Palm Treo access to OWA via Apache 2.2.x Proxy
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 17:17:35 GMT
Believe I may have this working now.

The Treo was sending its Host header as follows:


(Note the lack of space betwen the colon and hostname.  This probably
isn't valid but was corrected by Apache as it proxied the request on to
IIS.  However, maybe the initial invalid header there somehow caused
Apache to decide the connection wouldn't support Keep-Alives?

In any case, when I add:

  RequestHeader set Host ""

Everything works!  The odd thing is is that Apache was still matching
on the correct name based virtual host.... so perhaps regular apache
virtual hosting uses a different system for validating the Host header
than mod_proxy does...

Hallelujah!  And thanks to all who bore with me on this issue.


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