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From Ray Van Dolson <>
Subject Re: Palm Treo access to OWA via Apache 2.2.x Proxy
Date Thu, 29 May 2008 13:56:36 GMT
> I have a feeling you have other components in play here and one
> of them might be the culprit that is always adding the 'Connection: close'
> to the OPTIONS request. Some home-grown and/or commercial filter or
> something? Another ( invisible/broken ) Proxy in the mix that's automatically
> adding the 'Connection: close'???? Some brain-dead Mobile Gateway, maybe?

First off, thanks so much for the in-depth analysis you did.  Really
appreciate it.

I actually had written a small Python based httplib client yesterday
that reproduced the headers from the Treo as closely as possible and
also noticed that everything worked properly.  I was pondering over
this all night, but the above makes me think...

Oh and definitely not using the nokeepalives directives anywhere

Our firewall has been known to do some Layer 7 stuff before, I wonder
if it could be tacking the Connection: Close header in there somehow or
altering behavior.  Grasping at straws at this point, but it's truly
baffled me how the Treo results on one behavior but the Python client
(and your perl client) results in proper behavior.

My test server is running single threaded, so a gdb trace isn't out of
the question, but certainly sounds tedious. :)

In any csae, I'll digest your email more thoroughly from the office,
but the above confirms my findings and gives me something else to

Again, thanks so much.

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