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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Ship 1.3.0 apr in httpd 2.2.9
Date Fri, 11 Apr 2008 14:39:35 GMT
So here's a thought from Davi's^WColm's APR talk in speaking with
chipig, jorton and others...

We have several inheritance quirks addressed by 1.3.0 apr, and the
new memcache, ssl and other features are present in 1.3.  The features
in APR[-util] 1.3 would be a definite benefit, today.

When we add a few new functions to HTTPD - we bump the MMN and then
guarantee that these functions are binary compatible from that given
MMN bump ... all older builds against that HTTPD are binary forward
compatible until we move along to 2.4.

In APR - we guarantee backwards binary compat... apr 1.{any} will
continue to behave once we we bump the version minor.

Combine these, and it seems that with a Minor MMN bump, we can throw
the switch to require APR 1.3.x (or later) for the remaining life
of httpd 2.2.

The other side effects of requiring apr 1.3 over 1.2.x all seem to be
build related and really have no binary compatibility issues whatsoever.

So if APR ships 1.3.0 - would we be prepared to accept 1.3.0 as the new
minimum version, modulo the minor MMN bump?


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