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From Julian Reschke <>
Subject Re: Expect: non-100 messages
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 22:01:24 GMT
Charles Fry wrote:
> Well, I guess that partly depends on how deployed proxies deal with
> unrecognized Expect headers. Do any of you have any practical
> knowledge of how current proxies deal with new Expect headers? There
> does at least seem to be a precedent with WebDAV sending 102 status
> codes (though I know nothing first-hand about this, including how well
> it is received by proxies).

a) There's no Expect code related to status 102.

b) RFC4918 removed status 102 anyway, as nobody was implementing it.

I agree it would be nice to know what proxies actually do; maybe they do 
not do what RFC2616 requires, and thus Expect could indeed be made 
useful :-)

(I'd propose to continue the conversation over there).

> The HTTP spec does specify that the hop-to-hop decision MUST be made
> at a protocol level
> (<>). In
> other words, at least in the case of the Expect 100, a 417 is only
> injected by a proxy with a known next-hop 1.0 or lower server. Similar
> behavior with new Expect headers would be just fine in our case.

But that's a special case for "100-continue", which is a MUST level 
feature for all HTTP/1.1 components anyway.

I think it's clear that a proxy that sees "Expect: foobar" will have to 
immediately fail with status 417 if it doesn't know what "foobar" means.

BR, Julian

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