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From Julian Reschke <>
Subject Re: Expect: non-100 messages
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 17:54:54 GMT
Charles Fry wrote:
> Greetings Apache Developers,
> We have implemented an Apache module which needs to process incoming
> Expect headers for non-100-expectations. The version of
> server/protocol.c currently in the trunk has a hard-coded Expect
> header check that handles "Expect: 100-continue", but fails on any
> other expectation. It would seem consistent with the general
> modularization of the the httpd server to be able to allow
> non-100-expectations to be accepted and processed when desired. We
> would be glad to help make the code modifications to accommodate such
> functionality, if that would facilitate making such a change. Let us
> know how to best proceed to enable non-100-expectations in httpd.
 > ...


We talked about things like that in the WebDAV WG years ago.

The problem with Expect is that it's hop-to-hop... 
(<>). So 
how do you deploy new expectation codes when you need to pass through 

BR, Julian

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