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From Corsix <>
Subject Re: On future mod_wombat improvements
Date Tue, 29 Apr 2008 20:23:17 GMT
Hey Maxime,

My thoughts on possible improvements for mod_wombat are as follows:
* Lua bindings for relevant portions of the Apache Portable Runtime;
the io, lfs (LuaFileSystem) and luasocket libraries look like they
could be nicely done through APR functions
* Better win32/VisualC++ support
* Compile time option to exclude libapreq2 (and thus not export to Lua
functions dependant upon it), in future leading to a built-in
semi-replacement which would re-export those functions
* Proper website and documentation rather than just a subversion repo
* Sample blog / wiki / forum / other common web app. coded in Lua for mod_wombat
* Extended debug reports with stack traces by default when an error
occurs during script loading or executing rather than just an error

I would be interested in doing some work of my own on mod_wombat over
the 'summer' as well, even though I'm too young to be a GSoC student.


2008/4/29 Maxime Petazzoni <>:
> Hi,
>  As some of you may know, mod_wombat, the Apache module allowing Lua code
>  to be run on top of the Apache HTTPd web server, was on the project list
>  for the Google Summer of Code. And thanks to some people here in the
>  attendance, and to Google of course, my proposal to work on mod_wombat
>  has been accepted. So, thanks again! I'm happy to be back into the ASF
>  community after my work on mod_mbox in 2005!
>  I'm starting this thread here on dev@httpd to bootstrap a discussion
>  about mod_wombat's close future. A few weeks ago, some ideas were risen
>  here on this same list, including the original GSoC project, the
>  integration of the DBD API to mod_wombat to allow database interaction
>  from the executed Lua scripts (which would by far increase the
>  capabilities of potential developments using mod_wombat).
>  But Matthew Bruke (my official GSoC mentor) and Brian McCallister told me
>  that they were open to other ideas. So let's broaden our horizons a
>  little bit and hear what people may have in mind for mod_wombat!
>  My knowledge of the module, its capabilities and its history is for now
>  still a bit limited, and I would like to hear what people think would
>  be a nice improvement, a interesting feature or must-have that we can use
>  this GSoC for developing it. So, feel free to jump in and write down some
>  ideas!
>  Thanks,
>  - Maxime
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