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From ChristophDorn <>
Subject Re: Analyze mod_rewrite log in browser
Date Sat, 19 Apr 2008 18:48:52 GMT

> In the current setup you'd have to add it into mod_rewrite; and it  
> would just work
> for mod_rewrite. I'd directly attack do_rewritelog() by putting a line  
> in which
> adds to the header (see outline below which is adapted from a similar  
> feature
> for the oracle IDE). Dirty like hell.

This seems to work well. Looks like I am getting all logging events prior to
the headers going out.

What about this solution is dirty?

I am having a problem with the call to apr_pstrcat though. When I call:
p = apr_pstrcat(r->pool, "[\"LOG\",\"",  logline, "\"],", NULL);

the resulting string only contains the data up until the end of the
"logline" and not the "\"],". Any reason why the last part is not being
appended? I am very new to C programming so please pardon my ignorance.

So if I write a patch for the 2.2.x branch and the trunk is this something
that could be bundled with the release?

The extension FirePHP ( extends Firebug by adding
some additional features. At the moment it expects a header with the name
"X-FirePHP-Data-\d{12}" Is this generic enough or should we use a more
generic header like "X-ModRewrite-Log-\d{4}" so it can be more readily used
with other client tools as well?


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