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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: flood patches/mods
Date Wed, 05 Mar 2008 17:31:55 GMT
Guy Ferraiolo wrote:
> Unknown.  I submitted a patch a while ago and Willam Rowe showed some
> interest but I haven't heard about it, yet.  I'd be willing to volunteer
> for this.  I use flood a lot and I have some ideas of my own.  Also, I'd
> like to head off potential problems in advance.
> The patch I submitted was one that allowed randomization of URLs or
> parts of URLs.

Yes - and I'll be back (to that whole thread) - sorry I've been traveling
extensively, and am trying to settle down for a month on subjects such as
flood; one of my colleagues is also hacking on it, so I should really be
able to devote some attention.

On this subject - do we need a Bugzilla space for this?

Right now we have "Apache httpd-1.3" and "Apache httpd-2.0" products in
bugzilla, and none of the subcategories fit really well.

I'd love to see the second renamed "Apache httpd-2" to avoid confusion.

Do we want a new Bugzilla category such as "Apache httpd test" with the
only subcomponents of "flood", "perl-framework" (or test-framework) and
"specweb plugin"?  Or would it be more useful to have "Apache httpd flood"
(or simply httpd flood) as a specific category?


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