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From "Steffen" <>
Subject Obervation Apache 2.2.8 with Visual Studio 2008
Date Sat, 08 Mar 2008 15:47:55 GMT
I noticed that here the memory used by httpd.exe is less when I comment out:

#EnableSendfile Off
#EnableMMAP off

Looks like  the use of AcceptEx()is no pain anymore.

I made a build available on

The supported Windows I have bumped up, and the minimum system required:

Windows Server 2008
Windows Vista
Windows Server 2003 SP1
Windows XP SP2

Consequense is that Win2000 and Windows less then XP2 is not supported.

Interesting new in VC9 is:
The compiler contains tuning for the Intel Core microarchitecture during 
code generation. This tuning is on by default and cannot be disabled as it 
also helps Pentium 4 and other processors.


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From: "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
To: <>
Sent: Wednesday, 05 March, 2008 22:42
Subject: Re: Experience with Visual Studio 2008 Professional Edition

> Steffen wrote:
>> Just to inform you.
>> We at Apache Lounge done the first build with  Visual Studio 2008 
>> Professional Edition.
> Congrats - did the same last week against 2008 in 64 bit mode.  My
> results essentially mirrored yours for 32 bit builds, although I'm having
> mixed success with x86_64 (which you wouldn't touch not looking at trunk,
> more on that story in a moment)...
>> Changed in apr.hw (otherwise errors):
>> #define _WIN32_WINNT 0x0600
> Actually - not necessary with the patch already committed to 1.2.x branch,
> hoping we can release an apr 1.2 before the next roll (our Mac OSX fans
> should appreciate that as well, if sendfile can be coerced to behave).
>> IDE build goes fine with no errors.
> My struggle is on trunk; changes I hope to apply back to the live branch.
> Right now, VS 2008 (unlike 2005) has a bug of "eating" and discarding the
> x64 project targets.  This is badness since APR already provides x64 
> flavor
> projects, and these set up the NT-only code paths (so we aren't pretending
> to be compatible to 9x or ME).
> We could also conditionally allow the macro you mention above, 
> to bump up to 0x0501 or so.  This would also break NT (funny the macro is
> named WINNT), but speed things up at run time some small bit, and permit 
> us
> to use the multicasting API's.
> The goal was to extend x64 targets to httpd; but considering the failures
> to import these into visual studio 2008 I'm less excited about the idea 
> now.
> May proceed for 2.2.9, but the caviat will be - import first as a VS 2005
> project, then convert that solution to VS 2008.
>> First impression:
>> Apache runs fine on my XP box, including mod_ssl.
>> Only mod_deflate was not loading. Rebuilding Zlib (ms-asm) with VC9 and 
>> then build mod_deflate again and it
>> starts and works.
> missed a step with your initial build of zlib, perhaps?  Have had no 
> trouble
> with zlib at all, note the build patches that have been used which are at
> which tweaks the rev bits, embeds the manifests and quiets the compiler.
> The biggest hassle has been perl (again!)  Various perl packages when 
> built
> against ActiveState for x86_64 cannot speak politely to openssl.  Too many
> stupid sizeof(int) == sizeof(void *) ass*u*me*ptions.
>> Also all the modules build with VC8, like mod_security 2.5.0, mod_watch,
>> mod_fcgid, mod_vieuw are running.
> Yup - 32 bit is really painless; its the 64 bit universe that is painful,
> still.
> Bill

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