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From Niklas Edmundsson <>
Subject Re: httpd 2.2.8 segfaults
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2008 12:45:20 GMT
On Fri, 22 Feb 2008, Plüm, Rüdiger, VF-Group wrote:

>> In general, that patch looks truly suspicious since it seems to me
>> it's typecasting wildly and not even using its newly invented
>> MAX_APR_SIZE_T in all places, because (apr_size_t)(-1) really is the
>> same thing, right?
> No, MAX_APR_SIZE_T and (apr_size_t)(-1) might be different depending on the
> platform. MAX_APR_SIZE_T is ~(apr_size_t)(0).

Won't both be 0xff...ff as long as apr_size_t is unsigned (which it 
should be)? If not, the code makes even less sense...

Both casting signed -1 to unsigned and flipping the bits of 0 are 
standard methods to get the max-value possible to store in a 

> As I have overcome my confusion regarding apr_off_t / apr_size_t I 
> hope to have a look into the problem and find a solution how to do 
> all the casting stuff correctly.

My tip would be: less casts. If they're needed they're usually a sign 
of bad design or a thinko somewhere.

  Niklas Edmundsson, Admin @ {acc,hpc2n}      |
  "Data, find the USS Pasteur." - Picard

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