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From Dirk-Willem van Gulik <>
Subject cache - cleaning up mod_memcache and making other caches their live easier
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2008 13:12:48 GMT
Right now (only) mod_disk_cache is doing the 'right(tm)' thing w.r.t.  
to Vary - the other caches (mod_memcache as part of the distribution  
and a handful of memcached, distcache and commercial cache modules)  
are just acting on the URI (key).

Bringing them in line involves a bit of cut-and-paste from disk-cache.

So I am wondering if I should do the following -- but want to have  
some feedback of the folks who have been spending the last years on  
this -- as I may have missed something fundamental:

-	Move sundry like array_alphasort, tokens_to_array up into  
cache_utils or similar.

-	Perhaps add a extra function vector called 'make_key' -- which can  
be NULL to the
	cache_provider; which understands most of rfc2616; including case  
(insensitivity). In
	short - we'll propably end up with a struct which details the  
relevant headers, if
	they are int, date, case-insensitive or sensitive. Which allows us  
then to always
	do the right thing.

-	When we call store_* already pre-fillout cache_info (or add a param)  
which does the
	right things around checking for Vary. And perhaps even a precooked  
version of

Before I embark on an experiment (without much design/planning) -- any  
thoughts ? Or has someone already done most of this and/or designed it  
properly ?



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