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From "Rolf Banting" <>
Subject httpd trunk - How to get info that ap_requires used to return
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2008 17:12:39 GMT

I want to build mod_perl 2 against httpd trunk but
I've encountered a few road-blocks. The one that has held me up
recently is to do with the removal of ap_requires from the httpd
source sometime since httpd

The mod_perl test suite includes several tests that rely on ap_requires to
dig out Require data e.g
Require user shaun
Require group sheep

These obviously now fail when mp is built against the httpd  trunk.

Presumably there are other straightforward
ways to get at the Require configuration for a given directory?

I have had a scout round - the mod_authz code uses the require_line
data structure but I can't
immediately see how this can be related to mod_perl.



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