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From "David Sklar" <>
Subject mod_dav patch to force scheme/port on https->http proxying
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2008 23:10:31 GMT
I am having a similar problem to what's mentioned at -- namely when
exposing an HTTPS server that proxies DAV requests to a server running
mod_dav over HTTP, copy/move requests fail because the destination
sent by the client for the copy/move uses the external URL (with
https). When mod_dav compares that to the source URL in
dav_lookup_uri(), the scheme and port don't match and a 502 is

The attached patch attempts to remedy the problem by adding two
configuration directives, "DAVForcedScheme" and "DAVForcedPort". If
"DAVForcedScheme" is set then the uri that dav_lookup_uri() is asked
to lookup is modified to explicitly use the supplied scheme. Similar
deal w/r/t port if "DAVForcedPort" is set.

Setting "DAVForcedScheme http" and "DAVForcedPort 80" solve my problem
in a test setup with mod_proxy+mod_ssl running on port 443
reverse-proxying DAV requests over to mod_dav running on (a different
machine) on port 80.

Any comments on the patch would be appreciated -- it's wonderful, it's
a good solution but could be improved, it's a ridiculous way to solve
this problem, etc.


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