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From Henrik Nordström <>
Subject Re: mod_dav patch to force scheme/port on https->http proxying
Date Tue, 08 Jan 2008 23:50:44 GMT
tis 2008-01-08 klockan 18:10 -0500 skrev David Sklar:

> The attached patch attempts to remedy the problem by adding two
> configuration directives, "DAVForcedScheme" and "DAVForcedPort". If
> "DAVForcedScheme" is set then the uri that dav_lookup_uri() is asked
> to lookup is modified to explicitly use the supplied scheme. Similar
> deal w/r/t port if "DAVForcedPort" is set.

Shouldn't these really be global and changing the internal view of the
request rather than overriding things within mod_dav? The same problem
applies to PHP, CGI, intenally generated redirects, etc, etc.


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