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From Garrett Serack <>
Subject RE: Windows Server 2008 Application Compatibility Lab Invitation
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2008 22:58:09 GMT
This is certainly something we can examine during the appcompat lab.

There is still tools for building from the command line, (MSBuild,
VCBuild), but they aren’t much like make... more like Ant.


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From: Issac Goldstand []
Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2008 2:40 AM
Subject: Re: Windows Server 2008 Application Compatibility Lab Invitation

This is probably all the way at the bottom of your priority list, but I
figure it can't hurt to mention - what about a decent command line build
solution; IIRC, one of the (very minor) reasons we're still with VC6 is
the ability to create a Makefile, which recent VS suites no longer


William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> I'm planning to attend to address issues on several fronts, and I hear
> some PHP folks will make it as well.  It might be a really good chance
> to start digging deeper into the interop issues with MSVCR runtimes,
> so if there is a modperl dev or two who are interested, I'd love to
> spend some of this time working on those specifics.
> Bill
> Garrett Serack wrote:
>> Howdy,
>> My name is Garrett Serack, and I am the Community Program Manager in
>> the Open
>> Source Software Labs here at Microsoft.
>> I would like to extend an official invitation to the Apache Software
>> Foundation
>> to participate in the Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Compatibility
>> Labs here
>> in Redmond. The Compatibility lab is scheduled for
>>    Monday February 25 2008 through Wednesday February 28 2008.
>> (the lab is actually booked thru Thurs the 29th, so an extra day is
>> possible)
>> -----------
>> The Windows Server 2008 Application Compatibility Lab is an event
>> where we
>> invite companies to bring their applications into our lab, and have the
>> opportunity to perform compatibility testing with Windows Server
>> 2008. In
>> addition to gaining insight into Windows Server 2008, this also includes
>> unprecedented access to various product groups (developers,
>> architects and PMs)
>> inside of Microsoft, who can lend their assistance, give technical
>> information
>> and answer design questions you may have.
>> Normally, we request companies send 3-4 attendees, and we usually
>> have 3-4
>> companies in the lab in a given week. Given the ASF's size and
>> breadth, we've
>> reserved the entire lab for the week for the Apache Foundation, and
>> we'd like
>> to see somewhere in the range of 15-18 people from a wide variety of
>> projects
>> attend.
>> ----------------
>> We would be very interested in having several people from the Tomcat,
>> HTTPD and
>> Axis groups attend.  Other projects including APR, Apache C++
>> Standard Library
>> project, Harmony, and Maven.NET also come to mind.  Any project that
>> is impacted
>> by the release of Windows 2008, or is looking to solve
>> Windows-specific project
>> issues, may profit from this opportunity.
>> We are interested in having each project who deals with Microsoft
>> Windows
>> compatibility or portability to bring small contingent of 1 or 2
>> developers to
>> the table, so please chat within your own PMC or even your dev@ list
>> first to
>> determine who is most interested in attending this camp on behalf of
>> your
>> project.  Space is constrained, and we'd like to ensure that specific
>> attention
>> can be given to projects that need it.
>> ----------------
>> The cost of the event itself is being handled by our team (the Open
>> Source
>> Software Lab), all you have to do is actually get here.  Some travel
>> assistance
>> by Microsoft will be available (hotel/airfare), *if* your employer can't
>> pick up such costs.  As my budget is limited, how much travel
>> assistance we can
>> provide is linked to how many need to avail themselves of it.  If you
>> don't
>> need a subsidy, hotels can still be booked at MS's corp rate at most
>> nearby,
>> saving some money.
>> --------------------
>> To track interest, please register for this event in the subversion file
>> and send me an email with the following information:
>>    Full Name:
>>    Street Address:
>>    Phone Number:
>>    Email Address:
>>    ASF Projects Involved in:
>>    Travel Assistance Required: (full/part/none)
>>    Product Groups you wish to get access to:
>>    Any technical aspects you'd like to address:
>> -------
>> You might be interested in the "political" rational of why we value
>> this chance
>> to meet some of the ASF developers and help them work through Windows
>> compatibility issues. You can see Sam Ramji's blog entry about why we
>> asked
>> Mozilla out:
>> Garrett Serack | Open Source Community Lead | Microsoft Corporation
>> Office:(425)706-7939
>> email/messenger:
>> blog:

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