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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: Fwd: Visual Studio 2008 and ActiveState Perl 5.10 updates
Date Mon, 31 Dec 2007 07:47:05 GMT
William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:
> ...for 95% of the modules it *just doesn't matter*.  A module that
> uses only apr or only system I/O or memory allocation will probably
> never trip up.  We can build mod_jk, for example, to VC 2008 and use
> it on our VC6 httpd.  Or we can build mod_jk with VC6 and it will
> still work fine on VC 2008.

Probably true. mcvcrtXX.dll will work with msvcrt.dll and vice versa,
but muvcrtXX.dll won't work with msvcrtYY.dll, so that give us the
only logical solution, and that is using the common denominator
which is msvcrt.dll

For example, httpd binaries from Apache2 Lounge are build with
msvcrt80.dll. Now if you build a module with msvcrt90.dll it probably
won't work because there is no chained dependencies between them,
so you actually have two libraries that collide.
The same situation was with httpd build against msvcrt71.dll
In that case msvcrt80.dll modules behaved faulty for almost every
stdio file functions.
(at least we noticed that with mod_jk and it's logging)
For mod_jk binaries we are linking with msvcrt.dll simply because
this gives the reusability to run on httpd compiled against
any consecutive (msvcrt71, msvcrt80, msvct90, msvcrtXX) version.

> So I didn't mean to slight folks following dev@httpd, but for almost
> everyone the discussion would mean nothing, but to the mod_perl guys
> it's all much more fragile and needs coordination ;-)

Of course.


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