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From Michael Clark <>
Subject Re: VFS Proof of concept
Date Fri, 28 Dec 2007 06:52:56 GMT
Nick Kew wrote:
> On Mon, 24 Dec 2007 13:05:35 +0800
> Michael Clark <> wrote:
>> Anyway, I'll report back on my experiments...
> I look forward to it:-)

I have done some more investigation and have written up a proposal for 
my intended approach to this VFS requirement.

Using the generic infrastructure outlined above, I would be able to plug 
mod_privsep into httpd with minimal core changes - only some very small 
changes to support these proposed generic APR VFS providers.

In addition to letting us privilege separate mod_dav_fs (my goal) with 
no changes required to its code (my present approach needs to change all 
of the APR File IO calls), it should also theoretically work for other 
modules such as mod_ftp.

I am going to start implementing something based on the proposal 
outlined in the link above plus also a mod_vfs_perfstats and a 
mod_vfs_log (as well as converting my mod_privsep to use this VFS 
infrastructure). It may take me some time... (I may cry out for help 
with beos, os2 and netware at some point).

I can move the (moinmoin) doc over to if there is 
interest in the outlined approach. I should probably raise this proposal 
on the APR list at some point -  it really is a cross-cutting concern 
that effects both apr and httpd.


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