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From Michael Clark <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Apache Privilege Separation for WebDAV (now against 2.2.6)
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2007 09:48:31 GMT
Michael Clark wrote:
>  * A stackable performance statistics vfs module implementation that 
> does timings on filesystem io calls.

BTW I did some timings on linux for the wrapped apr_stat unix socket 
sendmsg/recvmsg ping/pong calls to the privsep process and a OS cached 
stat was about 22 microseconds vs 4-5 microseconds for a regular direct 
apr_stat call.

At this level (45,000 calls per second), we would most probably be seek 
IO bound in real life anyway (in our use case the mod_ssl encryption 
load would by far dominate).

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