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From Michael Clark <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Apache Privilege Separation for WebDAV (now against 2.2.6)
Date Sat, 22 Dec 2007 09:40:01 GMT
Paul Querna wrote:
> How you stubbed out the file io seems fine for the lifetime of 2.2.x 
> and maybe 2.4.x, but in the long run, I believe we need to support 
> some kind of "VFS" layer, to make all IO pluggable. (open file, 
> directory listing, etc etc).

Just thinking aloud on a few other benefits from a pluggable vfs layer.

  * A stackable performance statistics vfs module implementation that 
does timings on filesystem io calls.
  * A statcache stackable vfs modules that just stubs out the stat 
method and caches stat calls for a configurable amount of time (say 10 
  * An audit logging stackable vfs module that logs all io calls (mainly 
for debugging).

In a addition to having a way to mount a vfs hook implementation for a 
given path, perhaps also an interface to replace a vfs hook with a 
delegating entry so that it can be stacked.


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