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From Dr Stephen Henson <>
Subject Re: SSL client certificate extensions requirements backport
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2007 14:13:05 GMT
Yann wrote:
> Hi,
> The joined patch allows the use of client certificate extensions values
> (by long/short name or OID) in
> the mod_ssl/SSLRequire directive.
> This functionnality is available in the 2.2.x and trunk branches but
> hasn't been backported
> in the 2.0.61, while this can be a very usefull feature (at least we
> need it for our product).
> The backport is taken from trunk since it allows the use of long/short
> extensions names and it takes into account the token-name change done
> between 2.2.x and trunk (OID became PeerExtList): the patch allows both
> names to be used so that configuration files won't need changes.
> Any hope this could be part of the 2.0.x branch so I won't need to patch
> the official release ?

Some comments from an OpenSSL perspective... well also as the author of
the OpenSSL X509v3 extension parsing code ;-)

Iterating through extensions can be done more cleanly (i.e. avoiding
access to internal structures) using X509_get_ext_by_OBJ().

Similarly you should obtain the value field of an X509_EXTENSION
structure using X509_EXTENSION_get_data().

The use of X509V3_EXT_print() for this purpose is problematical.

It is intended to produce a human readable version of an extension. The
output format is not cast in stone and as such may change from one
version of OpenSSL to another to produce a more readable output. That
can cause problems when an attempt is made to parse its output or even a
security concern.

Dr Stephen N. Henson.
Core developer of the   OpenSSL project:
Freelance consultant see:
Email:, PGP key: via homepage.

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