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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject [VOTE] initial release of httpd-mod_ftp-0.9.0
Date Mon, 17 Dec 2007 00:13:12 GMT
mod_ftp fans;

At last, I came up with a trivial strategy for doing autoconf-like
tests, using nothing except apxs & httpd/build/ elements, so mod_ftp
is really ready for feedback across any platform.

Please fetch up the newly prepared httpd-mod_ftp-0.9.0.tar.[gz|bz2]
(and its md5/asc sigs) from:

review, take it for a spin, and cast your choice

   [ ] -1 for release of 0.9.0
   [ ] +1 to release as 0.9.0-alpha
   [ ] +1 to release as 0.9.0-beta
   [ ] +1 to release as 0.9.0-beta, and ready to tag GA (1.0.0)

identifying several issues (I don't plan to vote for better than -beta
just yet).  Supporting -beta means +1 to -alpha instead if that's the
majority opinion.

For getting started,

describes the various ways you can use this package; note that there are
no netware comments yet, so I decided to move ahead with a tarball, in the
expectation that these comments would be added later.  I'm sure working
around the -DFTP_APXS_BUILD plus setting up an appropriate ftp_config.h
for out of tree netware builds won't be that hard.  For in-tree netware
builds it should be a matter of adding the subdir; in-tree builds never
use ftp_config.h (in tree builds rely on httpd ./configure to perform
mod_ftp related autoconf tests, and load ap_config.h/ap_config_auto.h
instead of ftp_config.h).

If this is voted in, I'm thinking the local-docs could easily live in for now, with an official
module page at (similar to the
mod_mbox official page).


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