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From Jiri Tulach - Position <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy in Apache 2.2 and HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2007 07:38:59 GMT
It's possible fault of mod_fastcgi which returns 
HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR in cases when server is overloaded or 
external fastcgi instances are unavailable. Unfortunately mod_fastcgi is 
not actively developed even thought lot of people use it in production 

But I still don't understand why proxy which has an option to get proper 
data from another (probably) working server stops trying to failover. I 
think from proxy point of view it doesn't matter why server is 
unavailable. Or am I missing something?

Thanx for comments.

Jiri Tulach

William A. Rowe, Jr. napsal(a):
> Mladen Turk wrote:
>> Jir wrote:
>>> is there any reason why HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR returned by proxy 
>>> handler cannot failover to another worker?
>> Because HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR is used to represent either
>> misconfiguration or even worse things like memory allocation
>> failures. In essence non recoverable error.
>> However, I'm not saying some scheme handler doesn't have
>> bug returning HTTP_INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR instead something
>> else.
> Considering we have...
>   #define HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY                   502
>   #define HTTP_SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE           503
>   #define HTTP_GATEWAY_TIME_OUT              504
> it seems like most of the INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR's should be considered
> for more explicit messages, eh?

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