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From Michael Clark <>
Subject Re: [RFC] Apache Privilege Separation for WebDAV (now against 2.2.6)
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2007 12:32:11 GMT

Michael Clark wrote:
> The module proper, implements the privsep privileged operation process 
> that listens on a unix socket for privileged operations and performs 
> them on behalf of the unprivileged apache worker processes.

I have since made a fix for a file descriptor leak in the 
ap_privsep_file_open implementation due to my assumption that 
apr_os_file_put did the cleanup for me.

There is also a newer version of the patch which depends on Iain Wade's 
recent apr patch proposals (sent to apr-dev list) to add a working 
version of apr_os_dir_put (called apr_os_dir_put_ex) and a version of 
apr_os_file_put (named apr_os_file_put_ex) that can register a cleanup.

With Iain's patch I am now able to remove any dependencies on internal 
apr structures and arch headers needed to work around limitations (and a 
little brokenness *) in apr_os_dir_put and apr_os_file_put

* Note: it was not previously possible to get a properly working 
apr_dir_t using apr_os_dir_put interface, apr_os_dir_put_ex fixes this 


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