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From Michael Clark <>
Subject [RFC] Apache Privilege Separation for WebDAV (now against 2.2.6)
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2007 13:25:58 GMT
Hi Folks,

I posted a note about my privilege separation patches the other day
and received some good private help/feedback, and have now made the
patches a considerable amount more portable and they are using apr
much more extensively.

The patch is now fully modular and allows mod_privsep to be compiled
out (although it does add some additional hooks to the core).

Due to the nature of the patch it has to change some core code
to use privileged wrapper calls for file io. I can't see any way
around this - I have tried to minimise the impact by adding hooks.

I've also ported to 2.2.6 and it has had some limited testing.
At this point the code is still quite experimental. I'm not quite
ready to post to the user list about it :) although it does so far
appear stable in my testing.

The patches are still unix only at present due to the use of
socketpair and sending file descriptors over sockets. See:

Patches for 2.2.6

Patches for 2.3.0-dev

Summary of the patches:

The module proper, implements the privsep privileged operation process 
that listens on a unix socket for privileged operations and performs 
them on behalf of the unprivileged apache worker processes.

The privilege separated authentication module.

Changes to Apache core, request and mod_autoindex to use the privilege 
separated file io functions. Adds hook functions for privileged wrapper 
functions so the module can be optionally compiled in or out.

Changes to mod_dav to use the privilege separated file io functions.

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