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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject mod_ftp's ftp_limitlogin.c
Date Wed, 05 Dec 2007 21:03:26 GMT
There seems to be several consistent bugs/misassumption throughout the
lookup values of ftp_limitlogin.c's logic.  As background; there is
actually only one LimitDB file for the entire running server instance.

  * the dkey's aren't keyed by virtual host, rendering the net
    results server-wide instead of host-wide.  Because it's only
    for the lifecycle of one host, even the address (careful w/
    64 bit OS's) of the relevant server_rec would be useful (though
    that might not span graceful restarts, and these users are
    still connected, it would ignore their existence - but there
    are general flaws with restarts and db locking mutexes throughout
    httpd's source).

  * the dkey's aren't keyed to record type, it seems a one-byte
    record type of 'I'P, 'U'ser, or 'S'erver would be useful.

I noticed these resolving several discrepancies between the
mod_ftp.xml docs and the acutal config syntax which led me to peek
into the implementation.

Anyone have interest in fixing?  Or should we mark them in the docs
as 'experimental' directives?  Or axe limitlogin altogether?


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