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From "James Park (pencil_ethics)" <>
Subject Re: Best way for a module to retrieve the full original URL?
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2007 13:49:22 GMT
Jeff Tharp wrote:
> The problem with this approach is that I seem to loose URL fragments,
> such that when I request,
> orig_uri = "", not
> "".  Is this expected, or am I
> going about this in the wrong fashion?


A superficial analysis of RFC 2396 Section 4.1 and RFC 3986 Section 3.5
suggests the fragment identifiers are exclusively handled by the
user-agent. This makes sense from the common sense perspective:
fragments are internal to the document and the server does not parse the
document, it merely serves it to the user-agent. So the server does not
need to understand fragments.

Simplified: you will never see fragment identifiers on server-side. The
Referer header does not include them either (by virtue of RFC 2616
Section 14.36); so if you really _do_ need them (you shouldn't, to be
honest), you are out of luck. The lack of fragment identifiers is not
only expected behavior; it is mandatory.

I hope this settles your question.

- James Park (pencil_ethics)

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