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From "Eric Covener" <>
Subject proxy returning apr_status_t to handler?
Date Fri, 07 Dec 2007 22:55:40 GMT
It seems like a network I/O error while sending an http proxy request
will result in an apr_status_t being returned all the way up through
the handler.

The other protocol plugins for mod_proxy seem to more safely return
OK/DECLINED or an http status code in these cases.

In 2.2.x and trunk, mod_proxy has a request_status hook which might be
able to take a pass at sanitizing the return code at the last minute,
but this might be overkill compared to just fixing the 'return status'
around the HTTP proxy calls (2.0.x needs to do this anyway)

The particular instance I'm looking at is during the write of the post
body.  In this case I assume HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY should be returned from
proxy_http instead of the status returned from pass_brigade?

Eric Covener

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