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From Guy Ferraiolo <>
Subject flood random substitution patch
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2007 23:06:23 GMT

Attached is a patch that implements a random substitution feature for
flood.  You need a requesttemplate, one or more substitution variables
of the form ${varname) in the requesttemplate and a substitution file
formatted with one value per newline delimited line.  There may be more
than one substitution variable per URL.  The variables and files are
referred to as subst variables and subst files.  Each time the URL is
sent the subst variable is replaced with one line randomly selected from
the subst file.  Any part of the requesttemplate can be randomly
substituted, protocol, host, port, etc.  The algorithm tries to make the
creation time of the substitution independent of the size of the subst
file.  The randomness of the selection can be adversely impacted if the
sizes of the different entries in the subst file vary considerably.

In addition to the code changes implementing this there is also a sample
flood configuration file (subst-example.xml), an updated flood.dtd and a
sample subst file (subprojects) that the subst-example.xml references so
you can see the feature in action.

This code is reasonably well tested although this precise version is
somewhat new, I wanted to build against the most recent release of flood
I could get.

There are many possible enhancements to this but the current version is
a reasonable initial functionality.  In particular this can only
randomize parts of the requesttemplate so headers can't be randomized,
at least at this time.

I am under the impression the patch is in the required format.  Let me
know of any required changes.  I hope this is found useful.



Guy Ferraiolo                         
Performance Measurement & Analysis    
CNET                                            tel: 1.908.541.3739
1200 Route 22 East                              fax: 1.908.575.7474
Bridgewater, NJ 08807                           cel: 1.732.618.0250

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