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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Adoption of mod_dns to httpd?
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2007 20:21:40 GMT
Guenter Knauf wrote:
> Hi Issac,
>> I'd like to offer up mod_dns
>> ( for inclusion in the
>> httpd project (either as a mod_ftp-like subproject, or as module with
>> the standard distribution - whatever people prefer).  Can people vote
>> for what they're most comfortable with?
> [x ] Immediate adoption as a subproject (pending IP clearance via the incubator)
> I've just tried to compile the mod for NetWare, but my picky compiler wasnt fine with
some type mismatches, mostly signed<->unsigned; here's a diff which shows what I needed
to get it compiled:
> please check. I would also prefer to compile with vpath, and therefore the '../rr.h'
include is a but ugly;
> would be nice if you agree to change this to just 'rr.h'.
> Also would be more nice if you rename the folder to use an underscore as usual, and use
a version number like 1.0.2.
> Guenter.

 I don't think that #include "rr.h" would work with apxs (which is the
build method that I wrote it around).

For the type stuff, I'll look at it real soon.  Meanwhile, did your
patch solve the following?
rr/rr.c: In function 'dns_rr_unserialize':
rr/rr.c:194: warning: passing argument 3 of 'rrr->rdata->unserialize'
from incompatible pointer type

I'm not sure how well NetWare's going to be supported unless someone
helps write apr_sendtov for NetWare (the only implementation that I
couldn't figure out how to write); without it, you'll have TCP support only.


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