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From Nikolas Coukouma <>
Subject Re: new mime type needed?
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 17:14:49 GMT
Julian Reschke wrote:
> Guenter Knauf wrote:
>> Hi,
>> just another compression utility is going to become very popular:
>> and there's also a commandline for Unix / Win32:
>> maybe we should add the .7z extension to the httpd mime.types file?
>> perhaps something like:
>> application/x-7-zip                7z
> ...pointing out the obvious: the mime type should be registered with
> IANA first. 
IANA registration would certainly be nice and proper. I'll note,
however, that many of the types already in mime.types are in the same
unofficial boat as 7zip (e.g. application/x-bzip2). I'm more concerned
with whether or not the suggested entry is already in use or serving
application/x-7-zip would be helpful (compared to
application/octet-stream). Some searching indicates that the following
is the de-facto standard:
application/x-7z-compressed                     7z

More on x- types:
RFC 4288:

3.4.  Special x. Tree

   For convenience and symmetry with this registration scheme, subtype
   names with "x." as the first facet may be used for the same purposes
   for which names starting in "x-" are used.  These types are
   unregistered, experimental, and for use only with the active
   agreement of the parties exchanging them.

   However, with the simplified registration procedures described above
   for vendor and personal trees, it should rarely, if ever, be
   necessary to use unregistered experimental types.  Therefore, use of
   both "x-" and "x." forms is discouraged.

   Types in this tree MUST NOT be registered.


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