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From "Justin Erenkrantz" <>
Subject Re: ETag and Content-Encoding
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 14:53:31 GMT
On Oct 3, 2007 7:20 AM, Henrik Nordstrom <> wrote:
> > deflates the contents.  Rationale: a weak ETag promises
> > equivalent but not byte-by-byte identical contents, and
> > that's exactly what you have with mod_deflate.
> I disagree. It's two very different entities.

As before, I still don't understand why Vary is not sufficient to
allow real-world clients to differentiate here.  If Squid is ignoring
Vary, then it does so at its own peril - regardless of ETags.

The problem with trying to invent new ETags is that we'll almost
certainly break conditional requests and I find that a total
non-starter.  Your suggestion of appending ";gzip" leaks information
that doesn't belong in the ETag - as it is quite possible for that to
appear in a valid ETag from another source - for example, it is
trivial to make Subversion generate ETags containing that at the end -
this would create nasty false positives and corrupt Subversion's
conditional request checks.  Plus, rewriting every filter to append or
delete a 'special' marker in the ETag is bound to make the situation
way worse.  -- justin

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