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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: Compiling Apache for Microsoft Windows document
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 02:15:19 GMT
Marc Mongenet wrote:
> Hello,
> I compiled with Visual C++ 2005 Express
> following the instructions given by
> On IRC, niq suggested me to post comments/suggestions for improvement
> of
> on the dev list.
> Note that I am not very familiar with VC++.
> I propose to separate the "requirements" (disk space, Visual C++
> minimal version, Platform SDK version, awk) from "compilation
> instructions" (running VCVARS32, setenv.bat, perl srclib\apr\build\
> -2005, ...) For instance, it is not very clear (for me) if
> "c:\Program Files\Platform SDK\setenv.bat" must be run only one
> time (installation), or after each reboot (compilation instruction).

Ok; I'm confused; the entire information on that page relates to *build*,
because the page is called win_compiling.  None of this is runtime, or
it would be on the main windows.html platform page.

> I also suggest to seperate the instructions for command line compilation
> from the instructions for the GUI. Because in the current document, it is
> not always 100% clear if a sentence applies to command line compilation
> or GUI compilation.

This makes some sense - we can call out the differences in one of several
ways, but you raise a good point that they aren't always distinguished
as well as they need to be.

> The "Warning about building Apache from the development tree"
> (or at least a link to the warning) could be placed somewhere near
> the top of the document.

We don't expect people to grab the development tree as often as they
would build the package, so that's additional confusion, but worth at
least a reference at the top of the page.

> The paragraph starting with "Exported .mak files pose a greater
> hassle" is a bit difficult to understand.

Well, they don't so the document obviously needs some care and attention.
The GUI is far more of a hassle.

> Minor details:
> I do not have
> "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio\VC98\Bin\VCVARS32"
> but I have
> "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\bin\vcvars32.bat"
> I do not have
> "c:\Program Files\Platform SDK\setenv.bat"
> but I have
>  "c:\Program Files\Microsoft Platform SDK\SetEnv.Cmd"
> (not sure it performs the same actions)

We can make that an 'e.g. ... ' or perhaps use the goofy envvars that
MS sets to point to it's packages (which break, of course, on regular
occasion with each subsequent compiler release).

> The GUI did not convert .dsp files to ".msproj" files but to
> ".vcproj" files.

I'll fix upon the remaining changes for 2.2.7, it looks like some
messy hands (including mine) got in there.

Thanks for the suggestions to help other developers struggle through.


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