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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject Re: How to kill 1.3?
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2007 21:11:07 GMT
Joshua Slive wrote:

>> We have better things to do.  Let's do those things and stop worrying
>> about other people's perceptions.
> I agree, with a caveat. I think that we are doing a disservice to our
> users if we don't communicate to them the attitude of the people on
> this mailing list towards 1.3. In particular, I don't think our main
> page or download page is currently clear enough about the status of
> 1.3 development. I think we should say something like:
> "The Apache HTTP Server version 1.3 is not recommended and is not
> being actively developed. It /may/ continue to receive updates for
> major security issues, but other updates are unlikely. We recommend
> that you choose version 2.2 in its place."

This is a reasonable step, but like Roy I don't think an announcement as 
originally proposed is necessarily a good idea.

People who are on v1.3 today are probably still on v1.3 for reasons of 
their own choice, they'll move when they're ready. An announcement with 
best intentions may bring out criticism from people who feel pressure to 
upgrade when they would rather choose not to.


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