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From "Jorge Schrauwen" <>
Subject Re: win32 binary build, committed to VC6 for life of 2.2.x?
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2007 21:38:04 GMT
I'd like to give some input on this aswel.
Has the compatibility been tested between MSVC80 and MSVC80Free binary <->
module compilations?

I'd like to do some testing on that but my hardware doesn't allow for a vm
at my dorm at the moment.

On 10/16/07, William A. Rowe, Jr. <> wrote:
> Eric Covener wrote:
> > Will the transition to a new MS compiler necessarily be on a major
> > release boundary? Or is this really on the table at any given time
> > based on the binaries being more or less a convenience?
> >
> > wrt third-party modules, it seems like we will have to eventually pull
> > the trigger and lead (force) the upgrade.
> I envision this being httpd 2.4 - following our interest in maintaining
> binary compatibility.  A plethora of MSVCRT's out there adds to the
> complexity of following the principal for Windows.
> Of course there is the issue of loading third party binaries, and I hope
> that ActiveState and others finally catch up, too.
> We won't /break/ VC 6/7 builds, but our defacto binary would likely be VC8
> along the timetable of the next httpd minor or major release.
> FYI the next httpd 2.2.7 should build just fine on VC8 for either x86 or
> x64.
> With luck it will even compile cleaner on x64 than it does now.  Only APR
> is really thoroughly 'tested' as being ready for x64, however.


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