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From Nick Kew <>
Subject PR#41798 - mod_proxy URL mangling
Date Wed, 24 Oct 2007 01:06:34 GMT
Some time ago, I posted a draft fix for PR#41798:

It attracted some comments here, and needed further work.

I've written and test-driven a slightly more sophisticated patch:

* ProxyPass directive accepts an optional "nocanon" keyword,
  that tells us not to canonicalise the URL.  Without "nocanon",
  behaviour is unchanged.

* proxy_trans checks nocanon.  If set, it constructs r->filename
  from r->unparsed_uri.  To deal with Rudiger's objections to
  my previous patch, it does so only after matching the ProxyPass
  to r->uri.  If there's a mismatch between the two, indicating
  path cleaning, it issues a 301 redirect, as indicated by Roy
  for when we change a URL.

* If nocanon is set, then HTTP canonicalisation skips
  ap_proxy_canonenc.  This is in line with the forward-proxy
  fix to PR#42592.

New patch attached, soliciting review.

Nick Kew

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